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Chapter 36: Wake Up and You Are It

For example, for me it does not suit. I cannot sit on a swing, that is enough to create nausea in me. What to say about sitting myself on a swing? - I cannot see somebody else swinging! That is enough to give me a feeling of nausea. Now, Rumi is not for me. And there may be many people to whom whirling will give nausea, vomiting. That means it is not for them.

We are individually different. And there is no contradiction. One can experience the universal, and yet when the question of expression arises, he has to be individual.

The other morning I heard you saying that the so-called self is just an idea of the mind, because it seems hard for the mind to accept that our being is just pure nothingness, surprisingly containing the whole. Then who and what is the witness you talk about so much? Is it a masterly device which has to be dropped at some point?

It is. Everything is a device, because the truth cannot be said. So only devices can be given. You have to be convinced about the devices, but they will have to be dropped at the last moment - but that does not mean that you have to drop them now! Dropping them now will not help; now you have to use them to their utmost possibility. And then that moment will come by itself. When the device has reached to the peak, it disappears - and you are in the experience of the fourth.

The whole problem arises because the truth cannot be said, so something has to be devised which will bring you to truth. And the device has to be such that it will not become an obstruction in itself. So the great master is one who gives you a device which is made in such a way that it is going to disappear automatically, autonomously, the moment you come close to truth.

There are many devices which are good but dangerous, because they can become obstacles. For example, I told you that Patanjali says, “God is a device.” Nobody before him or after him has ever said that. There have been people who have said God is a truth, and there have been people who have said there is no God, but Patanjali’s attitude is totally different from both. He is not a theist, he is not an atheist, he is simply a scientific mind. He says God is a hypothesis. The fight about its existence or non-existence is baseless - you don’t fight about any other hypothesis. But it is a dangerous hypothesis. Even in the life of a man like Ramakrishna it became an obstacle.

So the device is not going to leave you automatically at the right moment. It is dangerous - it will cling, it will obstruct your vision. It will take you to the final step, but it won’t allow you to take it. A great attachment with the device itself will become the barrier.

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