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Chapter 8: From Idiotocracy to Meritocracy

These are clearance certificates for your MA degree. And I want this to continue: if you are going to do your PhD then you do three years deprogramming and three years meditation. Those are compulsory to the very end, so when you come out of the university you are not only an intelligent person, well-informed, you are also a meditator - relaxed, silent, peaceful, observant, watchful, intuitive. And you are no longer a Christian, no longer a Hindu, no longer an American, no longer a Russian. All that bullshit has been completely burned, nothing is left of it.

This is the only way, to replace the politicians by the intelligentsia. But as the intelligentsia is now, it won’t be of much help, because they are all as much into power politics as the politicians. That’s why I make these two conditions necessary. If you get a PhD, simultaneously you will be getting a D.PhilM, a doctor’s degree in meditation. And if the meditation institute feels that somebody has come to a point where he should be honored, then they can give him a DLittM.

So while you are being educated you are, in a very silent and subtle way, being prepared to be in power, in such a way that power cannot corrupt you, that you cannot misuse it.

So meritocracy is a whole program of transforming the structure of society, the structure of government, the structure of education.

It looks utopian. Who is going to do it? How is it going to happen? Hence the question - how are we going to make it a reality?

It is utopian, but the situation is such that within twenty years politicians will bring you to the brink of death. Then you will have to choose; and at that time, when you have to choose between death and meditation, I think you will choose meditation - you are not going to choose death.

If at that time you have to choose between death and deprogramming, you will choose deprogramming: “Let the Christian die, but I can live. Let the Jew die, I can live.” And who bothers when it is a question of you or the Jew? If you can choose only one, either you or the Jew, I don’t think you are going to choose the Jew; even Moses would not have done that. I trust him to have been at least that intelligent.

Politicians have brought this great challenge to the whole of humanity. In a way we should be thankful to these fools: they have dragged the whole of humanity to the point where humanity has to decide, “Now either we can live or these politicians can remain in power - both are not possible.”

My professor, Doctor S.K. Saxena, used to have a car, a very ancient model. It used to remain standing in his porch. I asked him, “I have seen this car standing there - either sell it and get rid of it.. Then at least we will have some space in the porch - in the morning we can have tea; we can sit there, play cards or do something, but this stupid car.”

He said, “Never speak against my car. I have been keeping it for almost twelve years in the hope that one day I will be able to afford both the car and a driver. The problem is..” He was a spendthrift, he was not a miser. He was getting a good salary, he could afford both a driver and a car, but he was always in debt, and asking for money from his students. After the fifteenth day of each month he was finished.

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