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Chapter 10: Self Actualization: The Basic Need

Ramakrishna was absolutely uneducated - no development of reason. He was pure heart. Only one center was developed, the heart. Krishnamurti is pure reason. He was in the hands of some of the most vigorous rationalists - Annie Besant, Leadbeater and the Theosophists. They were the great system-makers of this century. Really, theosophy is one of the greatest systems ever created, absolutely rational. He was brought up by rationalists; he is pure reason. Even if he talks about heart and love, the very expression is rational.

Ramakrishna is different. Even if he talks about reason, he is absurd. Totapuri came to him, and Ramakrishna began to learn Vedanta from him. So Totapuri said, “Leave all this devotional nonsense. Leave this Kali, the mother, absolutely. Unless you leave all this I am not going to teach you, because Vedanta is not devotion, it is knowledge.” So Ramakrishna said, “Okay, but allow me one moment so that I can go and ask the mother if I may leave everything, this whole nonsense. Allow me one moment to ask the mother.”

This is a heart-oriented man. Even to leave the mother he will have to ask her. “And,” he said, “she is so loving, she will allow me, so you do not bother.” Totapuri could not understand what he had said. Ramakrishna said, “She is so loving, she has never said no to me at any time. If I say, ‘Mother, I am to leave you because now I am learning Vedanta and I cannot do this devotional nonsense, so allow me please,’ she will allow. She will give me total freedom to drop it.”

Create a bridge between your head and heart, and then you will see that all those who have ever become enlightened speak the same thing, only their languages may differ.