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Chapter 6: Contentment Is a State of Consciousness

They had offered it to me, they were ready to sell it as cheap as possible. But when sannyasins started coming, and we needed space and enquired, “Are you still ready to sell it?” they said, “No, not at any price.”

The owner of the hotel is one of the richest men in India, Kirloskar. He was very much against me for a simple reason: his daughter is married to Morarji Desai’s son, and my friendship with Morarji Desai seems to be going on for many lives. I had to tell you this, otherwise you would not have understood.

I have heard that Kirloskar himself arranged a vedic ritual - a hundred brahmins for seven days, throwing wheat, rice, milk, butter, into the fire and praying, “Bring Osho back to Pune.” But it is not going to happen; there is no God who can order me to go to Pune. What I have left behind, I have left behind. I go on breaking the bridges that I pass. Once is enough-the world is vast. But Pune became a world-famous name. Now all that glory has disappeared; no vedic ritual can help it.

These religions go on giving you hope. Hope is the poison; it keeps you dragging, waiting for the moment when the hope, the promise, will be fulfilled.

Christians are waiting for Christ to come back. He said to them again and again, “I will be coming soon on the clouds of glory, with a divine body, for the salvation of all those who believe in me.” He has not come, and I can say to you categorically: he is not going to come again. What did you do to him when he was here? That experience is enough to prevent him - because I know if he comes back, you will crucify him again. But the hope..

Hindus are hoping, because Krishna has promised - all these prophets go on promising - Krishna has promised that whenever there is misery, whenever there is irreligiousness in the world, whenever virtue disappears, whenever things are not as they should be, “I will be coming.” For five thousand years everything has been wrong - but there is no sign of his coming back. But Hindus still go on living in hope, still they go on repeating the promise of Krishna, that soon he will be coming. This keeps people unconscious of the reality. It is opium - very subtle, very psychological.

The contented man has been created by this opium: here be contented, and there you will be immensely rewarded for your contentment. Don’t be bothered about the rich and the luxurious. It is just momentary; soon the rich will be suffering in hell. Don’t be jealous of them and don’t be competitive with them. Be contented.

India, perhaps, is the oldest country in the world; its religions are certainly the most ancient religions. But in India not a single revolution has happened, and it has been suffering for thousands of years. Starvation, poverty, sickness - it has been living in a nightmare, but with the opium of hope: that the Hindus are the privileged people of God, and this is only a momentary life. The suffering is just a test of your faith. Once you have passed through the test, all the joys of heaven are yours.

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