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Chapter 6: Enlightenment Is Your Birthright

The problem that has arisen today, that we have destroyed nature, would never have arisen. If Pythagoras had become the foundation for the Western consciousness, there would not have been these great World Wars. He would have changed the whole course of history. He tried hard, he did whatsoever he could - it is not his fault. But people are blind, people are deaf; they can’t hear a thing, they can’t understand a thing. And they are not ready to change their habits.

People live in their habits, mechanically they live. And he had brought a message of becoming aware. Great meditative energy would have been released in the West. It would have become impossible to produce Adolf Hitlers and Mussolinis and Stalins. It would have been a totally different world. But still the same old habit persists.

We cannot change human consciousness unless we start by changing the human body. When you eat meat you are absorbing the animal in you - and the animal has to be transcended. Avoid! If you really want to go higher and higher, if you really want to go to the sunlit peaks of your consciousness, if you really want to know God, then you will have to change in every possible way.

You will have to look all around your life. you will have to observe each small habit in detail - because sometimes a very small thing can change your whole life. Sometimes it may be a very simple thing, and it can change your life so totally that it looks almost unbelievable.

Try vegetarianism and you will be surprised: meditation becomes far easier. Love becomes more subtle, loses its grossness - becomes more sensitive but less sensuous, becomes more prayerful and less sexual. And your body also starts taking on a different vibe. You become more graceful, softer, more feminine, less aggressive, more receptive.

Vegetarianism is an alchemical change in you. It creates the space in which the baser metal can be transformed into gold.

The second thing that Pythagoras also introduced into Western consciousness was the idea of reincarnation. That too is somehow related with vegetarianism. You will be surprised again: all the vegetarian religions believe in reincarnation, and all the non-vegetarian religions believe only in one life. This can’t be just a coincidence.

In India, Brahminism, Jainism, Buddhism are the three great religions. They differ in every possible way - their ideologies are so different that you cannot find more different ideologies anywhere. Hindus believe in God, they believe in the soul. Jainas don’t believe in God - a tremendously fundamental thing - a religion without God. Buddhists don’t even believe in the soul - no God, no soul. You cannot imagine a religion without God and without the soul. Such are their differences.

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