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Chapter 6: Follow Your Inner Being, Then No Government Is Needed

And his argument was absolutely valid: “After killing all these people, sitting on the throne on all these corpses is absolutely meaningless. I will not be happy, I will be miserable my whole life. What will I gain? I won’t even have people to celebrate with. Killing my own people with my own hands does not seem worthwhile. It gives me a clear idea that it is better to go to the mountains and to meditate and to forget all about this.”

But Krishna persisted. When he could not continue to argue he brought in the last argument: “It is God’s will. Now you cannot disbelieve in God’s will, and it is God’s will that you should fight.”

Now this has been the strategy of all the priests all over the world - “God’s will.” But I am surprised that a man of the intelligence of Arjuna did not ask, “If you know God’s will, why is he not speaking directly to me? If it is God’s will, you fight. But as far as I am concerned, I feel this is God’s will - that I drop out of this chariot and go to the mountains.”

In his place, that’s what I would have done. “Then that’s perfectly good: if that is God’s will for you.to me this is God’s will. And if I have to choose I will choose my own rather than choosing yours.”

But it has been used to simply destroy your arguments, your intelligence, and create fear. If you don’t believe in God then there is hell. If you believe, then you have paradise and all the pleasures.

The Christian goes on seeing Christ, the Hindu goes on seeing Krishna, the Buddhist goes on seeing Buddha. And to see these people, simple psychological methods have been used: you should continuously pray. That makes you gullible.

A man waking up in the morning starts praying to Krishna the first thing - or to Christ; goes to the church, listens to the priest, reads The Bible or the Gita, which all preach, “Have faith.” And it is repeated thousands of times his whole life.

There are people who become monks and move to a monastery - they are the most prone to experience God because twenty-four hours a day they have nothing else to do except go on repeating a certain mantra, a certain name. They become hypnotized with the name, with the figure.

And all the religions teach that fasting purifies you. I don’t understand how hunger can purify. If hunger purifies people then why should we try to destroy poverty? We are destroying pure people, spiritual people! We should make everybody hungry!

Hunger cannot purify. And look deeply into it: while you are hungry you think that you are not eating, but your body is absorbing your own flesh. That’s why you go on losing weight; otherwise where does your weight go?

I have been condemned by Jainas because I said, at their conferences, “To fast is almost equal to meat-eating - and you pretend to be nonviolent people, vegetarians. But fasting means non-vegetarianism - you are eating yourself.”

A very healthy man can live through a fast of three months; but after three months he will be just a skeleton, and then death is certain because now he has no more reserve to absorb. He cannot absorb bones.

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