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Chapter 20: Democracy Is Yet to Happen

Everyone seems to be smiling and happy.

Everybody is happy.

Have you ever had to ask anyone to leave Rajneeshpuram?

No, never. People join on their own; if they want to leave, they have to leave on their own. Freedom is the rule.

You have a fairly active police force here - do they get much work to do?

They have nothing to do, no work. If you can give them some work in Australia, I can bring them with me when I come! They are really fed up with their guns: four years carrying guns and nothing to shoot.

Well, I’m not going to give them a target!
How is your health these days?

It is better.

Do you have to take medication?


Are you a vegetarian?

Everybody here is vegetarian. To be non-vegetarian is inhuman. The non-vegetarian is exactly equal to being a cannibal. There is no difference, except that cannibals eat better meat than the non-vegetarians.

Why did you break your silence? I think your silence lasted nearly three years.

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