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Chapter 18: Go Higher

Now the vegetarians are very much against me. They would like to kill me - although they are vegetarians. They don’t want to kill anybody, but as far as I am concerned, they are ready to kill me: “This man is going to teach people to eat eggs.” They don’t see a simple point: that an unfertilized egg is not alive, it is pure protein. It makes the vegetarian food complete and competitive; in fact it gives more protein than meat, especially for intelligence.

When you are surrounded with all kinds of ideas, there are bound to be doubts. All the religions of the world have based everybody’s mind on faith. It is not coincidence that religions are called “faiths”; it is on faith that they are based. It was perfectly right not to doubt because everybody had the same faith. It was very difficult to doubt; only very rare, talented people, geniuses, used to doubt. Now the situation is totally different.

Mohammedans say God created the world, and God created all the animals for man to eat. Christians believe the same. Jews believe the same, that animals are food: animals are just like vegetables, fruits, they have all been created for man to eat. Now half of the world is Christian; the number two religion is Mohammedanism; the two greatest religions, and millions of people believe.

Naturally it creates doubt in the minds of people who have lived with the thought that animals are not to be eaten - that it is insensitive, ugly, unaesthetic; that it degrades you, that it is not human. Now doubts start arising, doubts which are significant - because Jesus eats meat, Mohammed eats meat, Moses eats meat, Ramakrishna eats fish, and still they achieve the ultimate. The doubt is bound to arise in the minds of those who have been told that if you eat meat, your consciousness cannot grow.

And this is about everything. For example, Jainism does not believe in God. There is no God in Jainism; in Buddhism there is no God - the two great religions of the East are godless religions. The religions other than Jainism and Buddhism have always thought that God is the center of religion. How can there be a religion without God? - a doubt arises.

The whole of Asia has been Buddhist. No Buddhist child ever asks, “Who created the world?” Strange.millions of children; no Buddhist child ever asks who created the world. There is no creator; the question of creation is nonsense. The world has always been here, it is eternal. The very idea of creation and the creator is stupid. Now those who have believed in God as the central theme of religion, their faith is shaken.

Almost everybody’s faith is shaken, because they can see that somebody else, without this faith, having absolutely antagonistic ideologies, is living as good a life as they are living - perhaps even better.

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