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Chapter 4: The Fear of Freedom

Dog A, Dog B, Dog C, they all die in one way. Their death is just part of their life. They are not responsible for their life, they are not responsible for their death. So when someone says that he will die a dog’s death, it means that he will die without being evolved, without being an essence. He will die just a possibility. Two dogs die similarly - never two men. They cannot die similarly. And if they do die similarly, that means they have missed the opportunity to evolve.

With consciousness entering, you are responsible for everything, no matter what. This is a great burden and a deep anguish and it creates fear. You are just over an abyss. This is what I mean when I say: man now needs a conscious effort. To be man means entering a field of conscious evolution. Millions and millions of years have created you, but now nature will not help. This is the peak for natural growth. Now nature cannot do anything for you. It has done already all it can.

Because of this, there is bound to be a deep inner tension. Every moment man is in a tension. It is natural, and it is good. Don’t try to forget it. Use it. You can try to forget it, then you miss the opportunity. So any effort to forget your tense state of mind is erroneous, dangerous. You are falling back. Use this inner tension to grow, to move further. Now you cannot move further in the body. The body has come to a dead end, a cul-de-sac. There is no further movement.

The body moves in a horizontal way. It is just like this: an airplane is running on the earth, on the ground, on its track, to take off. There is a moment when the horizontal running will stop. It will have to run for a mile or two or three miles, just to gather momentum. Then a moment comes when no horizontal running is of any use. And if an airplane goes on running on the ground, it is not an airplane; it is behaving like a car. When the momentum comes, the airplane leaves the ground and a vertical, upward movement takes place.

This is what has happened with man. Evolution has been running, up to man, on the ground, so to speak, horizontally. Now man is the momentum. Now with man, an upward, vertical movement is the only movement. If you miss this point and if you think that “Because for so many million years we were just running on the ground, so we are to continue running on the ground,” you miss the whole thing. Because this whole running was just for this moment, so that you can take off.

Animals are running toward man, trees are running toward animals, matter is running toward trees - everything on this earth is running toward man. For what can man run? Man is the central focus. Everything is growing toward man. Horizontally, for man there is no movement. And if you continue horizontally, then your life will not be really a human life. Your life will consist of many layers which are not human.

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