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Chapter 3: No Future No Past, Only Life Herenow

I have heard a story that when Jesus died and reached heaven, the angel Gabriel met him at the gate and asked, “What plans do you have, so that the work you have started can be continued on earth?”

Jesus said, “I have left twelve men and a few women who are going to spread my message till it reaches to every heart, to every mind, on the earth.”

The angel said, “And if they fail you, have you made other plans also?”

Jesus smiled and said, “I am counting on them. I have no other plan.”

Counting on love, counting on these simple villagers - counting on them: there is no other plan, there cannot be.

Meditation is the key. Egolessness is the key, and love is the only plan to spread it all over the earth.

I am also counting on you, on your love, on your trust, on your courage. I am also giving you the key. Don’t use it only for yourself - use it first for yourself, then spread the message; because everybody is imprisoned in a rock and everybody needs to be released.

Then charged he his disciples that they should tell no man that he was Jesus the Christ.

Why? - because these things are revealed in trust and cannot be told to others. These things are revealed in love.

You call me “Bhagwan.” That is because of your love. It can be revealed to you. When you talk to others, don’t tell it to them. That will offend them and it will be pointless. They will start arguing about it.

You love me. Through your love you have seen something which they cannot see, unless they also love.

Jesus said, “Don’t tell them. You have realized the truth. You have seen the vertical in me, but don’t go on telling it to others. They will not understand. They will misunderstand. They will be offended: because that which is known through love can only be understood through love.”

Enough for today.