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Chapter 5: On the Danger of Overweening Success

Then there is another way of life: the vertical - not horizontal. You don’t move from A to B, from B to C - no. You don’t move in a line, on the same plane, on the same level - no. You move from A to A1 to A2 to A3 in a vertical line, in depth. You move into the depth of the A. Whatsoever is in the moment you move deep into it - not from this moment to the next, but in this very moment you move as deeply as possible. And then even one moment becomes eternity. And your happiness grows, knows no bounds. Your bliss grows, knows no bounds. And there is never an imbalance. You are always balanced. A vertical mind is always balanced because a vertical mind is no more a mind.

The whole effort of meditation is to give you a vertical mind. A vertical mind virtually means no-mind. Then you move from A to A1, A2, A3 in depth, or in height vertically. When B comes, again you move from B1 to B2, B3. You never fall from anywhere because you always go into the depth. This is what retirement is. You have earned the bread today, now retire.

But you don’t know how to retire; you go on earning the bread in your dreams also. You lie down and you plan for tomorrow, and nobody knows whether the tomorrow is going to come or not. In fact it never comes. It is always today. You are planning for the future, not knowing that death will destroy all future. Remain in the moment - be wise. Live it as totally as possible and then you will know no death. Because a man who is not worried about tomorrow knows no death - he becomes deathless. Because death is tomorrow - life is today.

Death is in the future, life is always in the present - this is the meaning of retire. If you want me to translate this word retire I will call it sannyas. You have to retire not in the end of life; retire every day, retire every moment. When you have enjoyed a moment it is retirement, it is through retirement, it is sannyas.

When you come back from the office to your house, leave the office in the office. Don’t carry it in your head, otherwise the head will have a headache - bound to have! Such a big thing, the office, you carry in your head! It is heavy! The whole market in your head - it is heavy! Falibhai goes to the share-market. He knows. You can carry the share-market in your head; then it is madness. But he never carries it; he has learned how to retire in it.

Retirement every day, retirement every moment.. The very word retirement does not look good to us; it gives the feeling of old age, inability. Somewhere beyond sixty-five, when death comes near, then one retires. No, the word retire is very beautiful. It is the meaning of sannyas. Retire means rest: the work is done, now retire, enjoy it. Don’t postpone enjoyment, that is the meaning of the word retire. Enjoy here and now.

Retire when your work is done.
Such is heaven’s way.

That is Tao. Never go to the extreme, the work is always done within the limits. Remain in the limits, enclosed in the limits. That is the discipline, the discipline of a sannyasin - always remaining in the middle, always remaining within limits, always remaining satisfied, not hankering after more and more and more.