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Chapter 25: Zen: A Contagious Blissfulness

Durkheim, rather than becoming a man of Zen himself just became a reporter, writing what Zen masters are talking about, translating it. He forgot completely that he had himself to become a master, only then could he understand what he was writing, what he was listening to.

A certain similarity of consciousness is needed to understand the deeper ways of the heart. Many people have written in the West, and the story is almost always the same - except about one man, Alan Watts. And they all have written well. A few have done almost an impossible job, writing about something they know nothing about! They have done it very accurately, but they remain the same ordinary people. They were not transformed.

Durkheim is not a buddha. And these are the people who will prevent anybody, because they start thinking of themselves as an authority; because they have written a few books they have become an authority. So to Turiya and Vimalkirti he said, “You should not be with this man, this is dangerous.”

Turiya, if he is still alive, tell him that as far as dangerousness is concerned he is right. And just because I am dangerous it is worth being with me.

You will not gain anything by being with Durkheim. There is no danger, no risk; he is simply a translator, a good translator. I appreciate his capacity as a translator, but not as a man who has understood the truth. It is good that you did not listen to him and continued on the dangerous path with me.

Vimalkirti has already gone beyond. The German royal family is perhaps the oldest royal family in Europe: one thousand years old. And in all those one thousand years, Vimalkirti was the only one who was really royal. He was my personal guard, so I watched him sitting silently for hours, day in, day out. He was here against everybody - and those were not small people: against Queen Elizabeth of England, who was telling him, “This man is dangerous.” All the royal families of Europe were certainly worried that the last descendant of the oldest royal family, of Germany, had fallen into the hands of a dangerous man.

But he did not listen. And he is blessed because he ignored all these idiots - they may be royal; they may be royal idiots; they may be kings and queens and princes and princesses. And people like Durkheim must have been thinking that the royal descendant of the last emperor of Germany should not follow such a dangerous group, which is condemned all over the world.

But for anybody who has any guts, this is the very point: that I have only either friends or enemies. Enemies are many; they don’t count, they are uncountable. Friends are few, but they are the people who are going to inherit this earth. They are the people who are going to create possibilities for more consciousness, for more love, for more laughter, for more joy.

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