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Chapter 17: The Solitary Lion and His Tremendously Beautiful Roar

This is how the collective mind functions - always according to somebody else. Either for or against, it does not matter; either conformist or nonconformist, it does not matter. But it always is directed, motivated, dictated by others. Left to himself, he will find himself utterly lost - what to do?

I am teaching my people to be meditators, to be people who can enjoy aloneness, to be people who can respect themselves without belonging to any crowd; who are not going to sell their souls for any awards and honors and respectability or prestige that the society can give to them. Their honor, their prestige and their power is within their own being - in their freedom, in their silence, in their love, in their creative action - not in their reaction. What others do is not determinative of their life.

Their life springs from within themselves. It has its own roots in the earth and its own branches in the sky. It has its own longing to reach to the stars.

Only such a man has beauty, grace. Only such a man has fulfilled the desire of existence to give him birth, to give him an opportunity. Those who remain part of the crowd have missed the train.

The other night during darshan, listening to your answer to Nivedano’s question, I had tears running down my face. For the first time in the seven years I’ve been with you, I could not only intellectually understand, but really feel that to look inside oneself is the only way to find the real treasures of life. Even though I am feeling this so strongly, it doesn’t make it easier to meditate, to look inside.
In the past my favorite subject for you to talk about has always been love and relationships. Now, I can’t get enough of hearing you talk about meditation. Beloved Osho, could you please speak about Vipassana meditation?

There are hundreds of methods of meditation, but perhaps Vipassana has a unique status; just the same way as there have been thousands of mystics, but Gautam Buddha has a uniqueness of his own. In many ways he is incomparable, in many ways he has done more for humanity than anybody else. In many ways his search for truth was more sincere, more authentic than anybody else’s.

Why am I reminded of Gautam Buddha? I am reminded of Gautam Buddha because you have asked a question about Vipassana meditation. That is the meditation through which Gautam Buddha became enlightened.

The very word vipassana in Pali, the language in which Gautam Buddha spoke.he was perfectly acquainted with Sanskrit; as a prince he was well educated in the highest literature of those days. But when he started speaking he never used Sanskrit because Sanskrit was the language of the intellectuals, of the brahmins, of the priests, not of the people.

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