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Chapter 27: There Is Nothing to Do

I enjoyed it very much. I would have liked to do it for three weeks instead of ten days. It was very good. I can’t really say what has happened, but I feel I can sit now!

You look more centered, more rooted. Good! That’s how meditation should be - a celebration. Very good!


I loved it I wanted to do it longer, because I think it started changing after seven days.

Mm, it takes at least seven days to settle, then another seven days to feel the new dimension, then another seven to be completely at home. Twenty-one days is exactly the time the mind takes to change completely, to move into another direction.

For the first seven days it simply goes on struggling with the old; the old mind goes on interfering a little. After seven days that old is gone and the new is there, but you are unfamiliar with it, so it is a little strange.

After seven days again you become familiar with this.

Now it is no longer new and you are settling in it. So we will make it twenty-one days.


During the sittings in the Vipassana group, an assistant is assigned to gently but firmly tap participants with a stick on the top of their head. Osho turns to a participant who is a medical doctor.

How did you feel when you got hit?

Very good when I got hit.

Yes, it is beautiful. In Zen they wait, they pray for it. By and by you will wait and pray for it.

When you are starting to sleep, or dozing, then your energy is moving into another gear - from waking to sleeping. It is moving, changing. You are just at the door, neither alert enough nor asleep enough, and then - a hit on the head, suddenly an awakening inside, a lightning. You have been caught on the door! And that door, and the realization of your being caught on the door, is something very beautiful.

By and by one starts praying for it. Who else was hit?

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