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Chapter 15: Keep the Doors Open

So remember that, because vipassana is such a method that it can create guilt in many people. When they cannot stay in it for such a long time they start feeling something is wrong with them; that everybody is going so beautifully, only they are condemned. This has to be completely wiped out - this possibility of guilt and condemnation. Accept - if somebody escapes, if somebody comes back, okay; welcome him and keep the doors open.

You said originally not to have any questions and answers - and there seems to be problems coming from this. I wonder if it would be possible to have half an hour at night, and I could be available for anyone who wants to come - because they just want encouragement really.

Yes, but tell them not to bring any intellectual questions or create any discussion. You also simply say what is absolutely essential. Let this just be an encouragement. Otherwise once the mind gets the kick, it continues. Good.half an hour every night will be good.

But when they come to you, teach them how to bow down; teach them the vipassana method exactly. Whenever they come to you they are coming to a teacher. With deep respect they have to bow down three times. [chortles from the group leader] You have to be serious enough to receive that bowing! That too is part of the game. Once a person bows down three times, he will not create any discussion, he won’t be intellectual. And it is good, it creates atmosphere. And Pradeepa will be there with her stick!

[assistant leader] I’d like more respect for the stick! I felt strong resentment when I hit people - which did change after, sometimes.

No, that will change. These two things have to be told in the beginning: that this is to help the meditators and they should receive the hit in deep gratitude - it has nothing to do with Pradeepa. If somebody says that they don’t want to be hit they can be left alone, but they are missing much.

[group leader] When you say to hit them when they’re falling asleep.I mean.they’re not literally asleep..

No, no, just when they are getting sleepy..

[assistant] The body language?

Yes, the body immediately shows - the face, everything shows that they are ready to fall asleep. They are not asleep - it is difficult to fall asleep sitting in that posture.

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