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Chapter 28: Vipassana Comes in the End

My own effort here is not to give you any meditation like Vipassana directly. This place is not a place of ascetics - people are enjoying everything. I want you to enjoy and to see the futility of it. I want to see how many times you become enlightened and how many times you become unenlightened. I know one day you will simply get tired and you will say, “Finished!”

Not finished like Nandan - she has started again. But she is going to be finished one day. When she says good-bye to her last boyfriend it will be possible for her to meditate; particularly a meditation like Vipassana. Otherwise you can sit with closed eyes and beautiful girls will harass you.

That has been the experience, down the ages, of thousands of meditators: it is strange, the moment you sit to meditate, suddenly, from nowhere, such beautiful girls start coming. And you open your eyes and there is nobody.

And not only girls. If you have not known money, thoughts of money; if you have not known power, thoughts of power; if you have not known what it means to be a celebrity, then a deep desire to become famous.. And the mind will go on weaving a thousand and one thoughts and desires.

And so-called teachers like Goenka will go on teaching you, “Don’t allow these thoughts in your mind.” And the more you push them away, the more they will come close to you. You will throw away one girl and you will find there is a queue of girls, and at the end of the queue is standing Sophia Loren. Now, naturally you think, “Vipassana can be done later on.”

A man said to his friend, “Last night was just the greatest experience of my life.”

The other asked, “What happened?”

He said, “I went fishing and I caught such big fish that I could not believe it. Even to carry one fish to the shore was difficult. And the whole night I was fishing.”

The other said, “This is nothing. You are saying you had the greatest experience - the greatest experience happened to me. Last night when I dreamt, what I saw I could not believe. On one side was Marilyn Monroe, utterly nude; on the other side was Sophia Loren, utterly nude.”

The other man could not contain himself. He said, “Stop. Why did you not call me? At such a moment! And what were you going to do with two such women? One is enough for you; one you should think of for your friend. You call me your best friend? - this is great friendship.”

The man said, “You haven’t heard the whole thing. I had gone to your home to find you, but your wife said you had gone fishing!”

If life has not been a rich experience - if it has been a repressive, religion-dominated, conditioned phenomenon - you cannot do Vipassana.

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