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Chapter 26: In Tantra, Forget about Technique

Very good. You got the point. Things are really going well. And don’t be worried about the drama that continues - it can be used in a creative way. The only thing to remember is that one should be aware of it. One should not be lost in it, identified with it, that’s all. But the mind has to be used.


Should I resume healing people? I did it last year for a time, but I was taking on their illnesses.

Wait. You can do it with healthy people, but don’t touch ill people right now. When you get in tune with healthy people, ask me again.

One should never start working on ill people, because illnesses can be transferred. But it is good to work on healthy people - there is no problem. And by and by while you are working, forget that you are doing something. In fact, just be there and let things happen. Put your hand on the body, close your eyes, and wait.

It is just like when one does automatic writing. You take the pen in your hand, you put the pen to paper, close your eyes, and wait. If something happens, the hand moves on its own - you are not to move it. By and by you see there is a jerk, and the hand has started moving. Now it is writing something. You can read it, and you can see that you are not writing it. It has to be done this way.

Just let the person lie down on his stomach, and the right place to put your hands is on the lower part of the spine, because the energy of the person is there. If you just wait, the energy of the person will guide you where to go, how to move; it will guide your hands. Don’t be impatient. Just wait - and at the most after two or three minutes, suddenly a jerk has happened and your hands are moving. Now you are not the doer. Go wild, and don’t try to use any technique. If you know a technique, it will be used, but don’t try consciously. Just become possessed.

So don’t start with ill people, because only if you are doing can the illness be transferred, otherwise not. The illness can only be transferred to the ego, not to you. And the ego is such a wound that it attracts all sorts of illnesses. So the other may be healed, but you will become ill - and then it is pointless. So first learn how to allow it to happen.

[addressing the rest of the Vipassana group] For others who have done this group and have not done others, they should do others by and by. Particularly the Enlightenment Intensive after Vipassana will be good if you have not already done it.