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Chapter 16: I Want a Meeting of East and West

If Sigmund Freud had done Dynamic Meditation he would have dropped his sickness. If Jung had done it, he would have dropped his sickness. They are good people, but they are doing only half the work - and the remaining half is far more important. They simply clean the ground and wait for the garden to happen. It never happens: then they get frustrated.

You will be surprised to know that Sigmund Freud never went through psychoanalysis - his own method. His disciples were insisting, “You should go through psychoanalysis. We are trained, you have trained us - now you can choose anybody you like and he will psychoanalyze you.”

But Freud refused point-blank. Why was he so afraid? And if the founder himself is afraid of going into psychoanalysis, it has great meaning. It means he knew that his dreams will reveal all that he has been condemning. His dreams will show that he is carrying in his heart all that he is telling other people - that they are repressing sex. His dreams will show that he himself is repressing sex.

He never agreed: the founder of psychoanalysis was never analyzed. Now, this is strange. It is as if the founder of Vipassana - Gautam Buddha - never did Vipassana. And if he never did Vipassana, what right would he have to say to others, “You do it and it will be good for you.”

First one has to experiment on oneself, and unless one finds that it works, and works for the better, one has no right to say to anyone, “Do it.”

So I repeat: my therapists are the best in the world. And any therapist in the West, if he wants to become a real therapist, has to come to me. He has to come to meditations, and he has to create a synthesis between therapy and meditation. Then only will he be a real therapist; otherwise he is just doing half a job - which is very dangerous.

It is like doing partial surgery on a person and leaving him with an open wound. It would have been better if you had not touched him. If you have opened his wound, it is better you do it completely. And that’s what is happening in the West: the psychotherapists and other therapists are opening people’s wounds and leaving them incomplete. They are creating a very dangerous situation for the person. He will find himself in more anguish than he had ever been.

Now is the time that psychoanalysis should come to meet with meditative methods. East and West, unless they meet and merge with each other, will remain half and half. They are not complete in themselves. Together they can be complete - and completion of anything has a beauty of its own.