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Chapter 12: Live Now, Pray Later

Just the other day I have received a Christian woman’s angry letter to me saying, “Do you understand, you are here in a Christian country and you are saying such dangerous things, that the Holy Ghost was a rapist - and the Holy Ghost is part of God, it makes God a rapist. And it was not a rape with the Virgin Mary, it was a miracle,” she writes. Yes, it was a miracle to deceive that poor girl. It must have been a miracle. Perhaps the Holy Ghost has come as Joseph, and Mary must have thought, “He is my husband.”

And that’s the way Hindu gods have been doing it. They come when the sage has gone, because the sage has to go early in the morning at three o’clock to the Ganges to take his bath, and do a long prayer and ritual and everything before sunrise. So at three o’clock he goes to the Ganges, and at three o’clock the god comes disguised as her husband. And the poor woman cannot even say no. She cannot say, “I have a headache today.” That is not allowed in Hinduism. A Hindu woman has to worship her husband as a god. His order is an order, it has to be fulfilled - no question of disobedience.

.So Parasurama’s father must have been suspicious, and he may have had some grounds for it. He told Parasurama, “You go and cut off the head of your mother. Bring your mother’s head before me.” And Parasurama went and cut off his mother’s head! Obedience to father.. And then begins his history of violence.

His father ordered him, “Destroy the whole warrior race from the earth,” because there was a conflict between the brahmins and the warriors, brahmins and kshatriyas, a conflict which is always there: who is to be on top? - the intellectual, the scientist, the brahmin, the wise man, the sage, or the politician, the soldier, the general - who? The conflict still continues. It must have been there..

Parasurama was ordered to destroy all the warriors once and for all. It is said - the story must be exaggerated, but some truth must be there to be exaggerated - it is said that thirty-six times he destroyed all the warriors, erased them all from the earth. But there was one difficulty, and that was that his father had not said to destroy the women of the warriors. The women were there. And Hinduism allows a woman to go to a sage and ask to be made pregnant by him, and the sage cannot refuse. That is his religious duty.

So all those women must have been going to the sages. India is full of sages - and at that time it must have been fuller. So they were getting pregnant again and there were warriors again - thirty-six times. By the time Parasurama became very old and was not able to kill anymore, he had done as much violence as one man can do. And now these people say, “There was no violence,” and their own books describe nothing but violence.

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