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Chapter 8: You Are Without Stain

The first question:

Please comment on the expulsion of Indira Gandhi from the Indian parliament, and her imprisonment by the government of Morarji Desai, which has caused such chaos throughout the whole country.

Indira Gandhi is not punished but rewarded. This is the fate of every revolutionary, anybody who wants to do something in this world which is not according to the status quo, is going to be rewarded in the same way again and again.

The herd, the crowd, never forgives a person who tries to bring something new into existence. The crowd is always past-oriented. It lives in that which is already dead. It has no vision of the future; and the visionaries, the utopians and the dreamers are bound to be punished or rewarded in this way.

I call it a reward. It has enhanced the prestige of Indira Gandhi and it has exposed Morarji Desai. It has exposed his hypocrisy, it has exposed his so-called non-violence; it has exposed his so-called “mahatmahood.” It has simply proved one thing: his fear, his paranoia.

The small mind is always afraid of the great mind. The pygmies are always afraid of the giants, the unintelligent always afraid of the intelligent. But the unintelligent are always in a majority. They have a power which the intelligent cannot claim, they can always have the support of the herd. That’s what has happened.

Morarji Desai has the majority in Parliament. And his whole gang is so much afraid of Indira, that if she remains in Parliament then their days of power are very limited, they can be counted on fingers. Any excuse will do to throw her out. And whatsoever they have found is nothing but an excuse.

It shows the jealousy of the mediocre, mediocre people are always jealous. They are jealous of whatsoever they cannot attain. Morarji Desai has no grace of personality, no elegance. He is jealous of Indira Gandhi. He would like to destroy her. That’s what he has been trying to do.

The masses also never like somebody who is really graceful. The masses also like somebody who looks like them. Anybody who has some aristocratic grace is not liked by the masses very much. Deep down, the gracious person does not belong to them.

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