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Chapter 13: The Way of Inner Change

Friend, please tell me what I can do about
this world
I hold to and keep spinning out!

I gave up sewn clothes and wore a robe,
but I noticed one day the cloth was well woven.

So I bought some burlap, but I still
throw it elegantly over my left shoulder.

I pulled back my sexual longings,
and now I discover that I’m angry a lot.

I gave up rage and now I notice
that I am greedy all day.

I worked hard at dissolving the greed,
and now I am proud of myself.

When the mind wants to break its link
with the world
it still holds on to one thing.

Kabir says: Listen my friend,
there are very few that find the path!

Man is a dilemma, because man is a duality. Man is not one single being: man is the past and the future. The past means the animal, and the future means the divine. And between the two is the present moment, between the two is man’s existence - divided, torn apart, pulled in diametrically opposite directions.

If man looks backwards he is an animal. That’s why science cannot believe that man is anything more - just another animal - because science only searches into the past. Charles Darwin and others, they are right that man is born of the animals. It is true about the past, but it is not true about man’s totality.

Religion looks into the possible, into that which can happen and has not yet happened. Science dissects the seed and cannot find any flowers there. Religion is visionary, it dreams - and is capable of seeing that which has not happened yet: the flower. Of course, it cannot be found, that flower cannot be found, by dissecting the seed. It needs great insight, not capacity to analyze, but some intuitive flight, some vision, some poetic approach. It needs a real dreamer who can see that which has not happened yet.

Religion looks into the possible and finds man is not an animal, but divine: man is godliness - both are true. The conflict is baseless. The conflict between science and religion is futile. Their directions, their methods of work, their fields, are totally different.

Science always reduces everything to the source, and religion always takes a flight to the goal. Man is both, hence man is a dilemma, a constant anxiety: to be or not to be, to be this or to be that?

Man can find peace only in two ways: either he becomes an animal again - then he will be one, then there will be no division, then again there will be peace, silence, harmony.. And that’s why millions of people try to be animals in different ways.

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