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Chapter 8: I Treat Jesus as a Poet

The psychologist was called. The farmer was skeptical, but he wanted to do anything so that the ram could be saved. The psychologist remained for four days: watched, observed, took notes, analyzed. Then he said, “There will be no trouble. You just go to the market, purchase a gramophone and bring Beethoven records, Mozart, Wagner - classical music. Whenever the ram gets mad, in a rage, just put on a classical record. Play it and it will soothe him, and he will be perfectly calmed down.”

The farmer couldn’t believe it, that this was going to be so - but it had to be tried, so he tried it. It worked! Immediately the ram would become silent and cool down.

For one year there was no trouble. Then one day the shepherd came running and said, “Something has gone wrong - I don’t know what. The ram has killed himself! As usual, seeing that he was getting in a rage again, I had put a record on. But he worsened. Then he became more and more mad and he simply charged into the wall. His neck is broken - he is dead.”

The farmer went there. The ram was lying dead near the wall. Then he looked on the gramophone to see what record was there. There had been a terrible mistake: it was not classical music, but Frank Sinatra’s record singing: “There Shall Never Be Another Like You.”

That created the trouble. “There shall never be another like you” - the ego is the cause of all madness, unhappiness, misery. That is going to be the cause of your death, that is going to break your neck.

You can cope with it if it is lukewarm. My whole effort is to bring it to a peak where you cannot cope with it. Either you have to drop it, or you will drop. And whenever such a choice arises - that you have to drop the misery or you have to drop yourself - you will drop the misery. And with the misery, the ego, the ignorance, the unawareness - they all disappear. They are names of the same phenomenon.

Enough for today.