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Chapter 2: There Is No Limit to Consciousness

George Paravanani, Freelance German TV, ZDF TV, Germany; Richard Wagner, CBS Nightwatch, National TV; Scott Miller, NBC, channel 8, Portland, Oregon

Glad to meet you.

I consider it a great privilege to be sitting once again opposite to you. I have made a commitment to Isabel that from the moment I start the first question I have exactly one hour, so I would like to be very precise and go to the point.
Let me start this off with a quotation from Eternal India by Indira Gandhi, in which she said, “The rishis conceived of a glow that was brighter than a thousand suns. They sang of the circle of birth and death, of creation and destruction, of the many ends which culminated in new +beginnings.”
Now, the events of the last week starting Friday, September 13th - funny, Friday, September 13th! - have led to a lot of attention here, but what interests me personally is not so much the scandal but your teachings and what the future is going to be.
First of all, I would like to ask you to tell me as precisely and concisely as possible the essence of your teachings; and secondly, if it has changed from 1970 - when I sat opposite you, and at the first interview ever for Western television - until today.

The first thing, you have to remember is to be precise if you want me to be precise. This is unfair.

I beg your pardon, it is not my intention at all to be unfair. I.

No. Then it will not be my intention, too.

I forgot to say one thing.

So just remember it.


Never again be imprecise.


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