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Chapter 16: Superman: The Fantasy for the Inferior

Isn’t the vision of the new man somehow similar to the idea of the superman?

The idea of the new man is not only not similar to the idea of the superman, it is just the very opposite.

The superman is a continuity with the old man.

The new man is a discontinuity with the old man.

The superman is superior, higher, but still belongs to the same world of the old man. He is better, stronger, more beautiful, more powerful, more intelligent; but the difference is only of degrees, of more or less.

The new man is absolutely unrelated to the old man. The superior man, the superman, is a refinement of the old. The new man is the death of the old man. The new man comes into being when the old man dies; hence, they cannot be similar at all. They may sound similar to those who think only intellectually.

I am not an intellectual, neither am I a thinker.

I see things.

I am a seer.

And in my eyes the superman and the new man are just the very contrary to each other.

The old society, culture, religion, philosophy - they are not against the superman; in fact the superman is their projection. It is their desire, their hope. They have been working for thousands of years to produce the superman. And in the name of the superman they have tortured the poor common man so much: it is almost impossible to believe how much humanity has been sacrificed in order to bring the superman onto the earth.

What was Adolf Hitler doing? He was fascinated with the idea of superman. He got it from Friedrich Nietzsche. Now, it is a strange thing to understand that the people who have been interested in the superman were very inferior kinds of people. Strange, but not irrelevant. It is in fact your inferiority complex - somehow, deep down, you feel yourself inferior. To forget that inferiority, you start imagining, projecting, just the opposite of it: the superman.

Nietzsche was in love with a woman, Wagner’s wife. Wagner is one of the great musicians, a great master as far as music is concerned; and he was tremendously charismatic. He was not only a maestro of music but his playing had some touch of magic too. That’s what makes a difference. The same music may be played by many people - it may be the same instrument, the same music, the same notes, but somebody simply gives wings to it and it goes on soaring higher and higher. It takes you beyond yourself into unknown spaces.

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