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Chapter 8: Dissolved in the Universal Soul

“The divine, which is hidden within all living beings as the self, is invisible. It can be seen only by one with the sharpest and highest intelligence, by one whose sight has become subtle.”

“The intelligent seeker must first dissolve speech and all the other senses into mind, then dissolve mind into wakeful intelligence, then dissolve wakeful intelligence into the great soul, then dissolve the great soul into the divine, the universal soul which is the very abode of silence.”

“Arise, wake up! Seeking the great self-realized ones and being with them, you will know the ultimate reality through them. The wise ones describe the way to self-realization as a path that is as difficult to walk upon as the sharp edge of a knife.”

“One will be forever freed from the clutches of death by knowing the ultimate reality which is beyond sound, touch, form, taste and smell; which is indestructible and timeless, beginningless and endless, supreme, greater than the soul.the eternal truth.”

The intelligent one attains to the glory of the brahmaloka, the realm of the ultimate reality, by sharing or listening to this ancient discourse given by Yamaraja, the Lord of Death, to Nachiketa.

After becoming pure in all ways, one who shares this most mysterious knowledge in a brahma sansad, an assembly of the brahmins, or who shares it with those assembled on the occasion of a shradh, a death ceremony, will know the fruits of deathlessness. He will gain the capacity to become one with the infinite.

There is a famous book, Appearance and Reality, by the English philosopher Bradley. Appearance and reality.or, one might say, illusion and truth. Whatever is visible is just an appearance; that which is hidden behind the visible and remains invisible is the truth. So existence has two aspects: one as it appears to be and the other as it is.

When I look at you I see your form, your shape, your body. But you are not seen - you are hidden behind all of these. All these forms, all that is visible, is only the outer, the periphery; it is not the innermost center. Hence, if just by seeing you someone thinks that he has known you, it would be a great mistake. Whatsoever he has seen is only the periphery.

Just as when you see the outer walls of some house and you return saying that you have seen the house, in the same way, if someone sees your body, which is visible, and thinks that he has known you, he is in a delusion. You are hidden deep inside where the eyes cannot see, the hands cannot touch and the ears cannot hear. That is why you can be known only in moments of deep love - because only love can reach there where the senses cannot reach. The whole world is like that. And it is natural because everything has a circumference as well as a center.

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