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Chapter 1: An Ordinary Man

I am a very lazy man. I call myself the lazy man’s guide to enlightenment; I don’t do anything. In the morning I have started talking again, as I was doing for thirty years. I love it, it is not a lecture, a prepared speech, or anything. People ask questions, and whatsoever spontaneous response happens in me, I tell it to them. And because I am not concerned at all about any consistency, I have made it clear to my people never to say, “Yesterday you said this, and today you are saying this, and these seem to be contradictory.” I always insist whatever I am saying right now is the truth.

You’ve been described as a person of contradictions. Are you?

I am. Because life is full of contradictions and I am in tune with life.

I am not in tune with Aristotle. Aristotle, I think, is a disease; I call him “Aristotle-itis.” Life is very different, it is not a logical system. Now, modern physics has come across facts which baffle all the scientists, because they contradict Aristotle’s logic and Euclid’s geometry. They have no obligation to perform according to the logic man has created. They just go on their way doing their thing in their own way. I am not a logician, and I have never claimed that I am not a man of contradictions. “I am big enough.” as Walt Whitman once said, “I am big enough to have all the contradictions in me.” And yet, there is a possibility that all those contradictions may become a deep harmony. They may not remain contradictions, they may become complementaries to each other. That’s how it is in existence; that’s how it should be in life. Now, give him his cigarettes!