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Chapter 6: You Can’t Get There from Here

Patrick went home, changed into some more comfortable clothes and slipped next door. He rang the bell and said, “Is it all right?”

The lady said, “Well, Albert is out, but this is afternoon and broad daylight. Someone might see you coming here.”

“It is all right,” said Patrick. “I have got special dispensation from Father O’Brien.”

“Love thy neighbor as thyself.” When Jesus says it he means something totally different. When Patrick interprets it, it becomes totally different. “Love thy neighbor” is a prayer, it is a meditation, it is a whole way of being, but when ordinary mind listens to it, it takes a different color. Love becomes sex. Prayer becomes infatuation. And the mind is very cunning; it goes on taking any support - whatsoever is available from anywhere - to its own ends.

When you listen to me, beware. You may be interpreting me in your own way. When I say “freedom” you may interpret it as “license.” Watch. When I say “love” you may interpret it as “sex.” Watch. Look at your interpretations because they are the traps - and then you will find many contradictions in me because I am there no more; now it is you reflected. You have many contradictions in you. You are almost a confusion. You have many minds in you, and you go on interpreting in many ways, and then you see contradictions - in your own interpretations.

Listen to me. Even more than listening - be with me. Then all contradictions disappear.

The third question is a beautiful story from Devateertha:

The third question:

Your story, Osho, about Uncle Dudley reminds me of another West Virginia story. So it goes that a stranger to the area was searching for a certain place. He got lost, so he stopped to ask an old farmer for direction.
The old man replied, “Go three miles north, over the bridge, make a right, go six miles ahead to a broken-down barn, turn left at the hickory fence. Nope. That won’t do it.”
Again he tried, “Follow this here road for four miles, over the creek around the bend by the chestnut tree make a right, follow that road about two miles, turn left by the stop sign. Nope, wrong again.”
Trying once more the old man said, “Head west till you hit Gruber’s general store, follow to the right over the bridge for five miles, turn right by the yellow house. Go over three ridges till you come to a fork in the road, bear right. Nope. That won’t do. So,” said the old farmer after serious contemplation, “you can’t get there from here.”

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