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Chapter 10: Buddha and the Beast

That’s why I say man is a mere perhaps, a bewildering paradox, an absurd being. He is and he is not. He is an in-between. He is the only animal that can make a fool of himself. No animals can make fools of themselves - only man, because man has the capacity to become wise.

If you don’t grow into wisdom, you will behave like a fool. That’s what the majority of the people in the world are doing. If you watch from a detached viewpoint, you will be surprised how people are living.in such a mess, in such confusion, in such madness. How are they moving? They are not moving at all - they are jogging on the same place.

And if you watch man, you will be surprised: it is very rare to come across a wise man. Fools and fools.fools abound. But remember: no other animal can behave like a fool. Have you seen a dog behaving like a fool? Never. Because they cannot be wise they cannot be took. Both the possibilities arise simultaneously.

Watch yourself. Watch your foolishnesses. Be constantly alert about what you are doing with your life. It is a precious life. It is of such value that you cannot measure, you cannot evaluate it. But because it is given to you as a gift, you don’t appreciate its value. Because it has been just a blessing from God, you have taken it for granted. This is foolish! Don’t take it for granted. This is an opportunity to grow.

And you have to answer to God for what you did with your life. Have you come the same as you had gone? Or even worse? Think of this, that man is answerable. And unless you are a buddha you will not be able to answer. Because to be a buddha is to be a God - and that is your intrinsic possibility. And unless you are a God, you will not feel contented.

And only then will you know what exactly you are. Right now, you are nothing, a mere perhaps..

The second question:

I have been listening to your words for sometime and I can accept everything you say on truth and no-truth. Only one question remains in my mind: if my enlightenment depends on me and my relationship with totality and nothing else, what is the point in my surrendering to a human master?

The master is not human, only looks human. The master his a passage to the totality. This is the beauty of being a disciple, because only the disciple is able to see that the master is not human. The curious visitors, or the students, who have come to gather a little bit of knowledge here, will not be able to see that. And then this question will arise.

Kenneth, you are right: you are here, still, unrelated to me. You are here uncommitted to me. You are here uninvolved with me.

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