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Chapter 20: Forget All about Enlightenment

Slowly, slowly the watching becomes more and more crystallized; it becomes your very being, and then you are free of the mind - and free to use it the way you want. But that will be a totally different quality: your action will not be something insane, doing because you have to do it - as if you are under a kind of possession, and the mind is forcing you to do something. So people are doing all kinds of things which are not needed.

Once the watcher is clear and separate from the mind, you have come into a new land, a new space - the space of witnessing - and this is your real soul. This which is neither active nor inactive, which only reflects, is you. This is the greatest mutation.

Those who die without this transformation have lived in vain, because if you can watch your mind in action, in inaction, you can also watch your body - healthy, sick - but you are separate. You can even watch death happening to your body and to your mind, because you are separate - you simply reflect whatsoever happens.

That is why a man who is really a meditator can die joyfully, because he is not dying; only the reflections in the mirror are disappearing. And I don’t think you will come across a mirror that has tears in its eyes when some reflection disappears, or even a remembrance of the past, or a desire that the same face should be reflected in it again. No past, no future.the mirror is always in the present; whatever happens, it simply reflects.

There is a temple in China where, instead of a statue of Buddha, there is only a mirror. The whole temple is empty. The people who created the temple must have been great meditators: the mirror is to remind you of your inner being.

And then you are at ease in action, at ease in relaxation. In fact, you start using both - like the two wings of a bird. And once both your wings are functioning together, you have the freedom of the whole sky. It is your own: all the stars and the moon and the sun and all the directions.you are out of the prison.

So don’t try to change the extrovert mind into an introvert mind. You have to get out from both the extrovert mind and the introvert mind. Just make a little effort: when you are active, watch that also. I can move my hand, and still I can watch it. And this is the miracle - when you can watch your action, your action becomes very graceful, very beautiful; if you can watch your body, your body starts radiating a certain grace, a certain aura.

You have seen the whole world through your eyes. If you can watch from within your eyes, your eyes will start having a depth which you have not even conceived of in your dreams. Real life is far more beautiful than any dream, far more inconceivable than any imagination. But get out of the mind. Mind is your prison.

And here you can do anything you want - but remember watchfulness. Walking, also go on watching that you are walking. It is not that you have to repeat these words inside you, “I am walking”.just the feeling that I am sitting, that I am doing something, that I am not doing something, is enough.

And soon your watcher will come out of all kinds of fetters. It is your imprisoned splendor.

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