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Chapter 5: This Moment Is Enough for Me

Between your collection - the commune’s collection - of Rolls Royces and its quite extensive bus system, your elegant clothes and the sannyasins’ simple red clothes, even your differing statements to your followers and the press from day to day, there seem to be so many stark contrasts here. I get the feeling that it’s intentional. Is that the case?

I believe in the uniqueness of every individual. I am not a communist. I don’t possess anything. These robes are also possessed by the commune. It is their generosity, hospitality, that they provide me whatever they can do for a guest. I am not a member of the commune, I am not a sannyasin. They love me. And love knows no boundaries.

But I don’t take anything into my possession. I am as unpossessed as I was born, just naked. Everything that I am using - my shoes, my hat, my watch - they all belong to the commune. And you should also know, they are all created by my own sannyasins.. Even my watch is created by my own sannyasins.

And all the Rolls Royces.I use only one Rolls Royce for one and a half hour per day.

They love me, they want to do something to me, and they know that my whole philosophy is not of poverty but of abundance. So they go on pouring as much as they can.

Just today a new Rolls Royce limousine has come, and in the coming week five more will be coming. But they all belong to the commune. And whatever they want to do with them they can do.

In fact, I had told to the press that I would like them to be distributed among sannyasins, but the trust that holds Rolls Royces is not willing to do that for two reasons. First, the commune has enough cars, more than needed.

I always believe in abundance in everything. The commune has more buses, more than needed. It has more airplanes than it ever uses. So there is no point, according to the trustees, to give Rolls Royces to the commune. It will be heavy unnecessarily on the commune.

Secondly, they think that because I have used them they have become sacred, and they don’t want those cars to be used by anyone else. They will remain as a memorial.

Will you have anything to do with appointing or choosing someone to succeed you?

No. Nobody succeeds me, because enlightenment is not something that you can somebody. It is not a post.

The commune will choose their president, the commune will choose their vice-president. That is up to the commune. But I hold no post. I don’t have any power except my love and my trust in my people.

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