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Chapter 9: The Practical Joke

You also are not aware that when you show your hand to somebody you are making indications: Yes, this fits. When a line fits then you are caught, because now you will move robot-like on that line. You become predictable. Only for a few minutes in the beginning is the palmist in a puzzle, just a few seconds. Once he catches the scent, once he finds the line on which you have been moving, once you nod, you are caught. Now he can go on saying things and they will fit. You are a robot. Only when you become enlightened do you become unpredictable. Then no astrologer can say anything about you.

One astrologer came to see me in Bombay, a very famous man. We were discussing and he was saying, “No, this is a science.”

I said, “You do one thing: you predict one year for me and I will contradict it completely. If you say that I will not die I will die; if you say that I will die I will not die. You predict one year and then decide.”

He said, “Okay, I will come back.” He never came again. I inquired many times, because before that he often came.

But things can be said about you because you move like a mechanism. You cannot change, you are in a grip. If you have fallen in love, you will say the same things that you have said to other girls.

Mulla Nasruddin fell in love with a woman. He said, “You are the most lovely person in the world.”

The girl felt great, of course. She became very happy, flattered. Looking at her face, Nasruddin said, “Wait!.because I have been telling other women this also.”

You are the same - just watch. When you fall in love you repeat yourself exactly, exactly! Not a single thing changes.

Mulla Nasruddin divorced his wife, and after twelve years they met at a function. By accident they were sitting side by side when Nasruddin became very drunk. He had been drunk the day he proposed to this woman, and again he was drunk. He said, “What about one more try? - can we get married again?”

The woman said, “Over my dead body!”

Nasruddin laughed and he said, “You have not changed a little bit.”

She had said exactly the same thing thirty years before when they got married, and exactly the same situation was repeated on that day also: they met at a function, accidentally sitting by each other’s side, and Mulla Nasruddin became very drunk, so he proposed. No man can propose if he is not drunk. How can he propose? And that day also the woman had said, “Over my dead body!”

Just go back, just see, watch. You may have missed the moment of watching but you can do one thing - you can relive it. It is also easier. Reliving is a very beautiful process, a great and deep meditation. If you can live with full awareness in the moment, then there is no need. But you cannot; right now it is not possible. So do one thing - relive. Just close your eyes every night before you go to sleep and go back. Don’t remember, relive! When you remember you stand aloof; that won’t help. Just relive the whole moment.

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