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Chapter 17: You Are Alive

This watch costs nothing, but I will not sell it even for ten million dollars because it is invaluable. It is made with such great love that it is not a saleable thing. Love cannot be sold. But to whom am I going to show the watch? My people know my dresses, my people know my watches, my people know me. I don’t mix with anybody else, I don’t go anywhere else. As far as I am concerned, the Third World War has happened, and only Rajneeshpuram is saved. There is nowhere else to go.

I was simply joking. And my people are working hard, twelve hours, fourteen hours a day, transforming a desert into an oasis - do you think these people constitute a circus? You will not find anywhere in the world such hardworking people. And they are not being paid, because we don’t believe in any way inside the commune that money should be used; there is no need. We fulfill our needs, our food, our clothes, everything, so nobody needs any money. Whatsoever he needs, he can get.

These people are working so hard, and for what? To entertain somebody? These people are creative people. They love me and now they want to materialize my vision into reality, and they are ready to do anything for it. In festival times they are working fourteen, sixteen hours a day with no complaint. Nobody is telling them or forcing them.

You’re not suggesting it to them?

No, not at all, I never talk to them about these things. I never talk about the commune, about any mundane things. They are intelligent enough that they can manage themselves. And they are doing so well that it cannot be improved.

It was their idea, it was not your idea, this commune?

It is my vision, and their love for my vision, but the idea to materialize it is theirs. I am a dreamer: I can give you beautiful dreams, and I give for free, I don’t charge for them. But then if you get caught up in the dream and you start trying to materialize it, that is your responsibility. I simply watch from the outside.

It is not a circus. The Vatican may be a circus, and with Pope the Polack it is bound to be a circus, nothing more can be expected of this thick head. I was just joking, laughing, and our people were there in the press conference and they enjoyed. You should listen to the video of the press conference, then you will see how much our people enjoyed - and how silly the journalists looked, they could not manage to ask any significant question.

But you need not bother about those people. You have a certain acquaintance with me, so I know these answers will be enough for you. If you want to add something, you can add, I give you the authority. I love you and I trust you. I know you cannot do anything that will be against me.