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Chapter 10: Be at the Center

[In the distance, the drums and brass of the marriage procession can be heard. Soon they will arrive next door for the ceremony.]

Deeper and deeper.

Once you are in, nothing can disturb you.

For that particular purpose I have chosen to let the coconuts come with their drums.

They cannot disturb a single person here.



Die, completely die.

Relax so totally.as if you are no longer body, no longer mind, but just a pure flame of light and joy.

In the neighborhood, slavery is happening.

Here, freedom is the only teaching, the only way.

And you can be free only when you are in your innermost being.

At this point, you defeat all the buddhas because you yourself become the latest buddha.



Bring all the buddhas back - resurrected, rejuvenated, remembering who they are.

Sit in the buddha posture silently and listen to the coconuts!

It is a great moment to be a watcher of a coconut marriage.

Just be, and nothing in the whole world can stir you.

Can we celebrate so many buddhas in a world full of coconuts?