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Chapter 17: This Too Will Pass

Questions from friends.

When I leave your discourses, I feel tremendously good and bright, but still I’m afraid to get influenced again by people outside so that I fall back again into my old mind. Can you say something about energies and experiences, and how we can move in the marketplace without getting influenced by other people who have not such good energy.

The most basic thing to remember is that when you are feeling good, in a mood of ecstasy, don’t start thinking that it is going to be your permanent state. Live the moment as joyfully, as cheerfully as possible, knowing perfectly well that it has come and it will go - just like a breeze comes in your house, with all its fragrance and freshness, and goes out from the other door.

This is the most fundamental thing. If you start thinking in terms of making your ecstatic moments permanent, you have already started destroying them. When they come, be grateful; when they leave, be thankful to existence. Remain open. It will happen many times - don’t be judgmental, don’t be a chooser. Remain choiceless.

Yes, there will be moments when you will be miserable. So what! There are people who are miserable and who have not even known a single moment of ecstasy; you are fortunate. Even in your misery, remember that it is not going to be permanent; it will also pass away, so don’t get too much disturbed by it. Remain at ease. Just like day and night, there are moments of joy and there are moments of sadness; accept them as part of the duality of nature, as the very way things are.

And you are simply a watcher: neither you become happiness nor you become misery. Happiness comes and goes, misery comes and goes. One thing remains always there - always and always - and that is the watcher, one who witnesses. Slowly, slowly get more and more centered into the watcher. Days will come and nights will come.lives will come and deaths will come.success will come, failure will come. But if you are centered in the watcher - because that is the only reality in you - everything is a passing phenomenon.

Just for a moment, try to feel what I am saying: just be a watcher.Do not cling to any moment because it is beautiful, and do not push any moment because it is miserable. Stop doing that. That you have been doing for lives. You have not been successful yet and you will never be successful ever.

The only way to go beyond, to remain beyond, is to find a place from where you can watch all these changing phenomena without getting identified.

I will tell you an ancient Sufi story.

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