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Chapter 4: The Inner Innocence

Start your growth from your natural center. Then whatever you may be, you will find contentment, you will find great joy in life. You will find not only joy in life, but in death too, because your original nature is eternal.

Birth is a drama, life is a drama, death is a drama.

Only your original consciousness is the watcher.

Dramas change, the watcher remains.



Relax, let go. The body is lying there - you just be a watcher of body and mind both, simply a watcher. This watcher is the original man.

Rejoice that you have found it. Feel silently grateful that you have found it. Now don’t forget the root.

Every day go on pushing deeper and deeper, because the original man has a circumference and also a center. First you will touch the circumference, and then your arrow will enter into the center.

Once you have entered into the center, you have gone beyond life and death. You have become one with the universe.

Nivedano, make your drum enlightened again!


Come back, slowly, so that you can carry the experience with you. Silently, gracefully, sit down as a buddha, without any hesitation, without any doubt.

You are the buddha, the awakened soul.

At least for this moment you are blessed with the ultimate ecstasy, and all the invisible flowers are showering over you.

Feel grateful.

There is nothing more religious than gratefulness.

There is no other prayer than gratefulness.

It is a Thank You to existence.

Can we celebrate the gathering of the ten thousand buddhas?