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Chapter 2: You Are Already That.

Don’t ask, “How?” Just try to understand me, just try to see the point. Not much intelligence is needed. Everybody has enough intelligence to see the point. Just see the point and try to live with that vision, that understanding, that perception, that’s all. Just watch the ways of the ego; and you be the watcher, never be the doer. The distance between the watcher and the doer is not very far if you are not alert. Just by your side is the doer. You slip from the watcher into the doer and you are the ego; you slip out of the doer and into the watcher and you are surrendered, you are no longer the ego.

The second question:

You are at the peak of consciousness, you can celebrate, you are celebrating. But how can the ordinary person share with you in celebration?

Nobody is ordinary. Who told you that you are ordinary? From where have you got the notion of being ordinary? Everybody is extraordinary! This is how it should be. Existence never created ordinary persons. How can existence create ordinary persons? Everybody is special, extraordinary. But remember, don’t feed your ego with it. It is not on your part that you are extraordinary, it is on the part of existence. You come out of the total, you remain rooted in the total, you dissolve back into the total - and the total is extraordinary, incomparable. You are also incomparable, but all the religions, the so-called religions, have tried to make you feel ordinary. This is a trick to provoke your ego. Try to understand this: the moment somebody says that you are ordinary he creates a desire in you to become extraordinary, because you start feeling inferior.

Just the other day a man was here and he asked me, “What is the purpose of life? Unless there is a special purpose for me, how can I live? If there is a special purpose, then life is significant. If there is no special purpose, then life is meaningless.” He was asking, “For what special purpose has God created me? What have I been sent into the world to do?” This is the ego asking. He feels ordinary; nothing special. “Then how can one live?”

You have to be peaks of egos, only then does life seem significant. Life is significant, and there is no purpose in it! It is a purposeless significance, like a song, or a dance - like a flower; it is flowering for no purpose at all, it is flowering for nobody special. Even if nobody passes by the road the flower will flower, the fragrance will be spread into the winds. Even if nobody ever comes to smell it, it is irrelevant. The very flowering is the significance, not any purpose.

But you have been taught that you are ordinary. “Become great poets, become great painters, become great leaders of men, great politicians, become great saints.” As you are, all the religions condemn you, “You are nothing, a worm on the earth. Become something! Prove that you are something before God” - as if to prove your mettle. But I tell you that this is absolutely absurd.

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