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Chapter 31: No Religions, No Nations, No Governments

But this miracle is possible only by disidentifying yourself from both. Watch the thoughts, because in your watching them, they disappear. Then watch your emotions, sentimentalities; by your watching, they also disappear. Then your heart is as innocent as that of a child, and your head is as great a genius as Albert Einstein, Bertrand Russell, Aristotle.

But the trouble is far bigger than you can conceive. It is a male-dominated society; man has been creating all the rules of the game, the woman has just been following. And the conditioning has gone so deep, because it has been going on for millions of years.

If in the individual the revolution happens and the heart is re-enthroned, given its right place as the master, and the head given the right place as a great servant, this will affect your whole social structure. You can see it happening in my commune.

The woman is the master; she is not longer mistress, and the man is no longer master. People go on asking me why, for all significant posts, I have chosen women? For the simple reason that the woman will not create the third world war.

It has been a historical fact that each war is created by the man, but the woman suffers most. Strange - the man is the criminal and the consequence happens to the woman! The woman loses her husband, the woman loses her children. The woman loses her dignity, because whenever a country is invaded, the soldiers are so much repressed - just like the monks.. Sexually they had no opportunity while the war was going on. When the opportunity arises - they invade a city and conquer it - their first attack is on the woman.

And the war has nothing to do with the woman, she is simply outside of the game - it is a male game, just like boxing - but she has to be raped. Those soldiers are hankering not to be victorious for their nation’s glory - that is a faraway thing - they are hankering to get the women of the enemies as quickly as possible.

I am putting women in all significant, powerful positions. It is symbolic. Man has a tremendous capacity to do things, but he should not be the guide anymore. He is hung up in his head. He can also become the master if he puts his heart above his head. That’s why I said that all of my sannyasins are women - even those who biologically, physiologically, are men. The moment they become sannyasins they have accepted a new structure, they have put something above their head - their heart.

This is what I mean: that even men around me start learning feminine qualities. And feminine qualities are the only qualities worth having.

So there is a possibility, but the possibility has a basic condition to be fulfilled: you become more conscious, a witness, a watcher of all that goes on inside you. The watcher becomes immediately free from identification. Because he can see the emotions, it is an absolute certainty that “I am not the emotions.” He can see the thoughts; the simple conclusion is, “I am not my thought process.”

“Then who am I?” - a pure watcher, a witness. And you reach to the ultimate possibility of intelligence in you: You become a conscious man.

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