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Chapter 25: The Watcher Is Always in the Now

But the actor proved to be far wiser than Vidyasagar. He took the shoe in his hands with great respect, touched the shoe to his head, and told Vidyasagar, “This is my greatest prize. I have been winning many prizes in my life, but this is my greatest prize. I could have never believed that a man of your understanding should take a drama as if it were real.”

Vidyasagar woke up as if from a sleep. He said, “I am sorry, but I went on becoming hotter and hotter, and when I saw that you were going to rape the woman I could not resist the temptation to prevent you. It was my moral duty, and I completely forgot that this is not a real rape, it is just acting.”

I have seen the shoe. In the family of that actor, they are keeping it in a beautiful glass box. It has become a historical thing. Now it must be the fourth or fifth generation, but they say, “This is our most prized treasure. One of our forefathers received this award from the hands of Vidyasagar himself.” And certainly this proves that the man was a perfect actor: he created the situation such that Vidyasagar became identified and forgot it was just a drama and he was there to watch it, not to participate in it.

This is happening continuously in your mind. The whole confusion is that you jump into the drama of the mind, which is just a screen.

I have been telling you again and again just to watch. Every drama has its end, and no thought in the mind remains for long. If you can keep alert not to become a victim of your thoughts, soon less and less thoughts will be moving on the screen. And when the watching becomes perfect, the screen becomes empty. When you are ready to witness, there is nothing to witness.

It is your identification with thoughts that is creating the confusion: it brings you down into the mind; otherwise your watcher is far above it. And to get centered in your watching is the only way for peace.

There is no such thing as peace of mind.

There is only one peace, and that is when there is no mind. When there is only a watcher and nothing to watch, suddenly everything becomes calm and quiet.

Hence I repeat again: relax, watch, and wait patiently. But you are saying, “I also feel this urgency to wake up now.” That’s what I mean by jumping into the drama and becoming a participant. The watcher is always in the now. The watcher knows no other tense - neither past nor future, but only the present.

Only this moment is all for the watcher. It is the imagination that needs future, it is memory that needs past, but the watcher is neither imagination nor memory. It is always in the now.

And your urgency is simply another name for impatience. You are hiding your impatience behind a beautiful word, urgency. What urgency is there?

You cannot force things to happen before their time. The spring will come and the flowers will blossom, but you cannot force the spring. The rain will come, the clouds will cover the sky, the whole thirst of the earth will be gone - but you cannot force it, you have to be patient.

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