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Chapter 10: Drunk with Awareness

Gayan makes my clothes. She could have been paid highly anywhere; she is a perfect seamstress. Here she gets nothing except my love. She works day and night - but perhaps she has got the insight that there is nothing more valuable than the love of one who has arrived. His love will pull you also with invisible strings to the whole.

Everything I have does not belong to me. My shoes, Arpita goes on making; my hats Veena goes on making. They rejoice that I am wearing their hats, their shoes, their dresses. Somebody brings a car and is grateful that I am using the car for coming to Buddha Hall. I could have come walking - it is not such a great distance, just from one house to another house - but then I would not have made somebody happy without any effort.

It is difficult for the outsiders to understand me. They have never known such a thing - that anybody will give me their watches just to wear so that the watch starts vibrating with my heart, and then it becomes sacred to them.

One of the best television interviewers in America, Ted Koppel, asked me, “I cannot believe why people should go on giving you watches to wear, Rolls Royces to drive in. And not one but ninety-three Rolls Royces, and thousands of watches!”

I said, “You don’t know the ways of love.”

He said, “But I have friends..”

I said, “A friend is one thing - you don’t have a master. You have never loved somebody more than yourself. The moment you love somebody more than yourself, then you are ready to do anything.”

It does not matter whether it is valuable or not valuable.people from around the world go on sending me strange things, knowing perfectly well what I will do with them. Just the other day somebody sent a beautiful stone from Mount Sinai, where Moses met God, according to the theology of the Jews, so Mount Sinai has become a holy place.

I respect the idea, although the story may be false. The story may be just a story, but the person who sends a stone, packaged beautifully, has a tremendous love in his heart. What should he give to me? - everything is trivial. But this stone from Mount Sinai, which is the only place God has ever spoken to any man, is holy. Although it is just a stone, because it is holy, somebody sends it to me.

I go on receiving all kinds of things, and I will go on distributing them to others. What will I do with them? - I have come naked and I will go naked from the world. And I am still naked under my clothes, I know it!

I have been seeing you, watching you. Perhaps you need a few sutras: they bring you closer to me.

Seriousness separates; laughter brings closer.

.Never put off until tomorrow what you can enjoy today..

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