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Chapter 13: Neither This nor That

He goes on denying everything, but he goes on saying “he.” He is playing a trick on his fellow theologians. He goes on taking apart the Church brick by brick; ultimately the whole Church is removed, but he removes the bricks and goes on declaring that he is creating the Church. He removes it brick by brick, slowly, and he continues to use the word he, he continues to use the word God.

Mahavira says there is no God, and that is that, and he is finished with it forever - he will not talk about it again. If he is not, what is there to say about him? But then he is thought to be an atheist, and for hundreds of years Dionysius has been respected by the Christian Church as a great theist, a great theologian. He succeeded in befooling the fools!

He says:

.neither is he reason, nor thought, nor is he utterable or knowable; neither is he number, order, greatness, littleness, equality, inequality, likeness or unlikeness; neither does he stand nor move, nor is he quiescent; neither has he power, nor is power.

The religions, particularly the organized religions, have always given three qualities to God. He is omnipotent - absolutely powerful; omniscient - knowing absolutely everything that is, that haj been that will be; and he is omnipresent - he is everywhere present, there is not a place where he is not present. The organized religion depends very much on these qualities. Why? - because people can be enslaved only if God is the suprememost power.

In fact, people are always seeking somebody who is more powerful than themselves so that they can throw all the responsibilities on his shoulders. God has to be omnipotent; there can be nobody more powerful than him. He is pure power. That is the strategy of the priest to enslave people. If he is power, pure power, the highest power, the omnipotent power, then of course all that you have to do is just be a slave. Trying to escape from him is futile, trying to be independent is futile, trying for freedom is futile. It is better to serve him, to be just a servant.

You cannot escape from him because he is omnipresent; wherever you go you will find him. He is always watching, he is always looking at you. It is not only that he watches your acts, he watches even your thoughts, so even in thinking you are not free, you are not left alone; there is no privacy. If God is omnipresent then there is no privacy at all. Then you are never alone, he is always there. This is to create fear. You cannot do anything without him knowing it. In fact, before you have done it he knows it.

He is also omniscient: he knows all - past, present, future. So not only does he know your past, not only the present, but also the future. What are you going to do? You are absolutely caught, absolutely imprisoned. You cannot escape from God.

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