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Chapter 9: Almost Dead With Thirst

Thrice Jesus came again. I say there are only two things infinite: the compassion of a master and the stupidity of the disciple. Infinite, two things. Thrice he came and he said, “Again you are asleep?” And that night would have become enlightenment for all those disciples, because Jesus was at his pinnacle - the very peak. And he was praying: in that moment of Jesus’ prayer the whole atmosphere in that garden of Gethsemane was charged. If those disciples had been watchful, immediate, sudden enlightenment would have been possible. But they were fast asleep.

To you also I say, be watchful - because I will not be here for long. A little while more. You can miss and you can find excuses. Be watchful: be alert.

Jesus always used to tell a story, that a master went for a journey. And he told his servants, “Be watchful twenty-four hours a day, because any moment I can come back. And if I find you asleep I will throw you out. So keep alert. Somebody must be alert and aware. You can divide the time by shifts, but I must find a few servants alert and aware whenever I come.”

But the servants thought, “The journey is very long and it will take years, so no need to worry about it right now. After a year we will be watchful. For this whole year we can enjoy and indulge and sleep well. And we are free - the master is gone.”

And when the master came.. He came after three years, but when for one year completely you sleep and indulge and become lazy, then it is not easy. Then they started postponing: “He has not come yet, and no message has come. Who knows whether he is alive or dead? We have not heard anything at all.” They forgot completely. When the master came they had not only forgotten that the master existed, they had not only forgotten that they had to be alert, they had completely forgotten that they were servants. They had become the masters by that time.

This is what has happened to every mind, to every consciousness.

And remember: God can knock at your door any moment. If you are not watchful you will miss. He can knock from a dog, he can knock from a flower. A bird takes wing - and he can knock there. He can use any opportunity to knock at your door.

Remain alert so that when the guest comes he does not find you asleep; when he knocks at your door, you are ready and you have prepared the house for the guest - and your heart is ready to receive.

Be watchful. Through being watchful by and by the ego will die, because ego is created by a non-watchful mind, an unalert mind. Through watching, witnessing, the ego dies. And nothing is possible until you die.

Enough for today.