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Chapter 3: With Love among the Unloving

But the next day the woman returns and says, “My husband no shit-a!”

So the doctor gives her a bigger bottle with the same instructions.

The following day the woman is back again: “My husband no shit-a!”

The doctor finally gives her a huge bottle of cod-liver oil. The next day the woman comes back again.

“Doctor, Doctor,” she exclaims, “no husband, only shit-a!”

But the problem remains; now it is the other extreme.

The seeker of truth has to be very watchful not to move from one prison into another, from one desire into another. He has to be very alert and aware. He has to de-automatize himself. He has to become a man, not continue as a machine. You are born as a machine, and unless you make a great effort, you will remain as a machine and you will die as a machine. Make every effort to become aware so that you are no more a machine. Then the real man is born.

A wild West cowboy purchases a horse from the local priest. “This horse is very special,” the priests explains. “When you shout, ‘Praise to the Lord’ this horse will start galloping like crazy and the only way to stop it is to call out, ‘Amen!’”

At once the man jumps up on the horse’s back and shouts, “Praise to the Lord!”

He shoots like an arrow across the desert. Suddenly he becomes aware of a steep canyon ahead of him. “Goddam! I forgot the other command,” he says. “What shall I do with no means to slow down this mad horse?”

Cursing and sweating, he approaches the deep canyon, and at the last moment he remembers: “Amen!” And just above the gorge the horse comes to a standstill.

Trembling and relieved, with tears in his eyes, the cowboy looks up to the sky and says, “Praise to the Lord!”

Enough for today.