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Chapter 5: The Ultimate Evolution of Mind

And I will teach them how to take the packet from the pocket consciously, slowly. Open the packet, take the cigarette consciously - watch, look around. It is such a beautiful thing! You love it so much, you should give it a little time, little attention. Then light it; watch the smoke, be alert as the smoke goes inside you. You are doing a great job: pure air is available free; to pollute it you are wasting money, hard-earned - enjoy it to the full. The warmth of the smoke, the smoke going in, the coughing - be alert! Make beautiful rings, they all go towards heaven. You cannot go to hell; even your smoke is going to heaven, how can you go to hell? Just enjoy it. And I forced them: “Do it in front of me so I can be satisfied.”

They will say, “It looks so awkward. It looks so stupid, what you are saying.”

I said, “This is the only way, if you want one day to be free from this urge.” And they will do it, and they will say to me, “This is strange, that for the first time I was only a watcher. I was not smoking - perhaps the mind, perhaps the body - but I was simply watching it.”

I said, “You have got the key. Now be watchful, and smoke as much as you can because the more you smoke the more watchful you will be. Smoke in the day, smoke in the night, in the middle of the night when you wake up. Don’t miss the chance, smoke. Don’t bother about your doctors, your wife; don’t bother about anybody. Just take care of one thing: remain alert. Make it an art.”

And hundreds of people have found that the urge disappeared. The cigarette is gone, the cigar is gone. Even the desire.looking back, they cannot believe that they were in such bondage. And the only key to get out of the imprisonment was awareness. You have the awareness; it is just that you have not applied it. So apply it so it becomes more and more sharp. Without application it has gathered dust.

In any act - walking, eating, drinking - whatever you are doing, make it a point that side by side a current of awareness will always remain running. And your whole life will start having a religious fragrance.

And all awareness is right, and all unawareness is wrong.

The mind warns me that it will cease helping me to feel that I fit with society, and will expose the feelings of guilt within me if I choose to go the way of awareness. It also gives convincing arguments about going for truth and taking risks, but I don’t really have the guts to face unpleasantness. Osho, can you comment?

Your question has many implications. The first is: everybody has guts. You are not allowed to use them from the very beginning. The whole society wants to make you a coward. Cowards are very much needed because the society is interested in making you slaves.

The parents are interested that you should be obedient - your guts may not allow you to be obedient. Your teachers want you to accept everything that is said by them without any questioning - your guts may raise questions. Your priests want you to believe, to have faith - your guts may create doubts. All the vested interests are against the courageousness which is naturally part of your being.

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