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Chapter 12: Mind Is the Whole Problem

“And watching the man created a new kind of crystallization in me. And after twenty-four hours I could see more clearly. At the moment when he was beating me it was impossible to see clearly. My eyes were full of anger. If I had answered at that moment I would have wrestled with the man, I would have hit the man, and everything would have been an unconscious reaction.

“But after twenty-four hours I thought about it more calmly, more quietly. Either he was right - I had done something wrong and I needed, deserved, to be beaten, to be insulted - or he was absolutely wrong. If he was right, there was nothing to say in answer to him except to go and give him thanks. If he was absolutely wrong, there was no point at all fighting with a man who is utterly stupid and goes on doing such wrong things. It is meaningless, is wasting time. He does not deserve any answer.”

So after twenty-four hours everything had settled down and a clarity was there. And with that clarity and the watchfulness of the moment, together, Gurdjieff changed into one of the most unique beings of this age. And this was the basic foundation of his whole crystallization of being.

You are always out - just watch. And the mind is always in - don’t be identified with it. Unidentified, you will become more and more clear, and the mind will die on its own accord.

And the death of the mind and the birth of watchfulness is the beginning of your evolution. And the light will not be far away - it is the light. And the darkness will be gone, because when you are light, darkness cannot be around you.

That’s why I said that watchfulness is not a technique, it is your nature. Just remember it.