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Chapter 12: Mind Is the Whole Problem

You spoke the other morning about rising through the different levels of consciousness and bringing light to their respective counterparts in the unconscious. Are special techniques needed for this, or will watchfulness of the mind, the body, and the emotions simply bring us through these different levels?

The watchfulness of body, mind and heart is more than enough. No other special techniques are needed, although there are techniques. But as I see them, they are not necessary; on the contrary, they complicate the whole phenomenon. And spiritual growth is not a technological phenomenon, so any technique can become a hindrance. You can start clinging to the technique. That has happened to millions of people.

Searching for spiritual growth they come across a teacher who gives them a technique. The technique helps them to become more silent, more calm, more quiet, to have a great well-being, but then the technique becomes absolutely essential. They cannot leave the technique. If they leave the technique, all those experiences start disappearing. Even if the technique has been practiced for years, just within three days all the experiences will disappear. The techniques don’t really give you spiritual growth, but they create a hallucination which looks like spiritual growth because you don’t know what spiritual growth is.

It happened that one Sufi master was brought to me. He was master of thousands of Mohammedans, and once a year he used to come to the city, and a few of the Mohammedans of his group had become interested in me and they wanted a meeting. They highly appreciated that their master saw God everywhere, in everything, and he was always joyful: “We have been with him for twenty years and we have never seen him in any other state except ecstasy.”

I told them, “It will be good that he becomes a guest in my house. And for three days leave him with me. I will take care of your master.” He was an old man, a very good man.

I asked him, “Have you used any technique for this constant ecstasy, or has it come on its own without any technique?”

He said, “I have certainly used a technique. And the technique was to remember, while looking at everything, that God is there in it. In the beginning it looked ridiculous, but slowly, slowly the mind became accustomed. Now I see God everywhere, in everything.”

Then I said, “Do one thing.. How long have you been practicing it?”

“Forty years” - he must have been nearabout seventy.

I asked, “Can you trust your experience of ecstasy?”

He said, “Absolutely.”

Then I said, “Do one thing. For three days stop the technique - no more remembering that God is in everything. For three days look at things as they are; don’t impose your idea of God. A table is a table, a chair is a chair, a tree is a tree, a man is a man.”

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