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Chapter 28: Mindlessness

He said, “Don’t talk to me about dead men - and particularly in a Mohammedan grave.” Mohammedans are poor; their graves are mud graves. In the rain, sometimes a dead body will appear. The mud has washed away and you can see the dead body - somebody’s head is showing, somebody’s leg is showing. He said, “Don’t ever tell me to go there. Just the idea that one day I will be in such a position, with my head showing out of a grave, makes me feel so frightened.you are a strange boy!”

I said, “What is wrong with it? The poor fellow is dead, he cannot do anything. It is raining, he cannot manage to have an umbrella, what can he do? If one of his legs is showing, what can he do? He cannot pull it in - if he pulls it in then too there will be trouble, so he keeps silent and lets things be as they are.”

A love of silence and a love of being absent has helped me so tremendously that I can understand when he says,

.Always functioning but non-existent - the mindlessness I speak of now is not separate from having mind. These are not words to deceive people.

Ta Hui is saying, “I am not using these words to deceive anyone; I am not trying to show my knowledge; I am not trying to pretend that I am more knowledgeable than you are. I am saying these words just to share my experience that no-mind and mind can exist together. There should be no repressive methods used, only pure watchfulness.and slowly, slowly mind loses all content. It becomes no-mind.”

So mindlessness and mind are not separate. Mindlessness is mind without any content, without any thought. It is just like a mirror not reflecting anything.

The silence of being a mirror not reflecting anything is the greatest bliss that existence allows man to have. And from there things go on expanding - mysteries upon mysteries.no questions, no answers, but tremendous experiences.nourishing, fulfilling, giving contentment to the hungry soul which has been wandering for lives upon lives.

It is time to stop this wandering.

To stop this wandering there is a simple method, and that is to start watching your mind, your body, your actions. Whatever you are doing or not doing, one thing you have to be alert of - that you are watching. Don’t lose the watcher - then it doesn’t matter whether you are a Christian or a Hindu or a Jaina or a Buddhist.

The watcher is no one.

It is just pure consciousness.

And this pure consciousness can only bring a new humanity, a new world, where people will not discriminate against each other for stupid reasons. Nations, races, religions, doctrines, ideologies - those are just for children to play with, not for mature people. For mature people there is only one thing in existence, and that is watchfulness.

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