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Chapter 5: Relax and Disappear



Relax, and just disappear in the ocean of consciousness that is surrounding you. We are nothing but fish in the ocean. This moment the Buddha Auditorium has become a lake of consciousnesses without any ripples.

Such joy, such peace.and the experience of your being immortal, eternal. You have been here always and you will be here always. There are only two ways of being here: one is in bondage, another is in freedom. Watchfulness takes you out of the prison and opens the doors of the infinity.

You are not the body, you are not the mind. You are only this witnessing consciousness. This is your freedom. This is your original face. This is the buddha you have been searching for.

You have to bring all this experience slowly, slowly to your circumference, to your daily life. In your ordinary activities the buddha has to be expressed. In your love, in your other relationships, in your friends, in the marketplace, sitting or walking, talking or silent, you should remember you are a buddha.



Come back, but bring all that is at the center to the circumference. Come back as a buddha, gracefully, peacefully, in absolute silence and you know what Zen is.

This bringing of the buddha to the surface is the whole science of Zen. To transform every being into his original face - that is the face of the buddha - is my work, and it is your work too.

The more buddhas we have around the earth, the more the earth is protected from destructive forces. The more buddhas we have around the earth, the more beautiful it will become.