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Chapter 17: Session 17

Ashu is looking downward. Don’t be ashamed. I am not saying anything against women watching television. I am talking about myself. I think that women only watch television for the advertisements, not for anything else; a new soap, or shampoo, or new car.the new, anything new.

In advertising everything is always new. It is really the old stuff packaged again and again. Yes, the package is new, the label is new, the name is new. But a woman is interested in a new washing machine, refrigerator or bicycle. A woman’s interest is immediate.

In this story she did not stand up and say to God, “What! Only twenty years?” In fact when man stood up, the woman must have been pulling him down saying, “Sit down, man. Why are you grumbling, always grumbling? You grumpy old fellow, sit down.”

But man stuck to his ground and said, “I resist in every possible way this imposition of just twenty years. More is needed.”

God was at a loss. Being a communist God, what could he do? He had distributed the years equally. But the animals were more understanding than this communist fellow.

The elephant laughed and said, “Don’t be worried. You can take ten years from my life, because twenty years is too long. What am I going to do with twenty years? - ten years will do.” So man got ten years of the elephant’s life. These are the years between twenty and thirty when a man behaves like an elephant. These are the years when hippies and yippies and other similar tribes are born. Everywhere in the world they should be called “the elephants”.thinking too much of themselves.

Then the lion stood up and said, “Please accept ten years from my life. For me ten years are more than enough.” Between thirty and forty man roars like a lion, as if he were Alexander the Great. Even Alexander was not a real lion, so what about the others? Between thirty and forty, every man in his own way behaves like a lion.

Then the tiger stood up saying, “When everybody is contributing to poor man, then my contribution is also ten years from my life.” Between forty and fifty man behaves like a tiger - much reduced in comparison to the lion, very much shaved, no more than a big cat, but the old habit of bragging continues.

Then up stood the horse and contributed ten years also. Between fifty and sixty a man carries all kinds of loads. He is just a horse. Not an ordinary horse either, a very extraordinary horse, loaded with a mountain of worries, but somehow his will is such that he pulls through, and goes on and on.

At sixty the dog contributed his ten years, and that is why it is called “a dog’s death.” This story is one of the most beautiful parables. Between sixty and seventy man lives like a dog, barking at everything that moves. He just finds every excuse to bark.

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