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Chapter 3: The Twenty-first Century Approach to Meditation

If those three step as are done rightly, the fourth follows. And by and by as your catharsis moves further, the second step will decrease. Ultimately it evaporates. Then you need not do the second. When nothing comes to you - no movement of the body, no movement of any emotion - the second step drops. Then the more you go in, the first step will drop by itself - because there is nothing to be disturbed. You go on doing chaotic breathing and nothing is disturbed. The first step drops.

When the first and second have dropped only then can the third be dropped. When you feel that the energy is moving now from the sex center to the head, to the opposite pole, and a moment comes when you completely forget the sex center in your body and your head becomes the center of your being, then the third step can be dropped and then you can move into the fourth any moment, any time.

That fourth is the real meditation. These three are just preparations. And that fourth is just like Zen - not doing anything, no effort; just waiting, silently witnessing whatsoever is.

But it takes time, it takes time - at least three weeks are needed to have the feel, and three months to move in a different world. But that too is not fixed. It differs from individual to individual. If your intensity is very great, it can even happen in three days.

What about the method of just watching the mind?

If you just watch the mind, it will take a very long time - years. And nothing is certain because you are not simply watching: every day, you are creating more mind. And there is a past accumulation in the mind, so it can go on and on; you can go on and on.

I have seen people practicing watching as a method. It is one of the oldest methods - witnessing whatsoever is inside. If you have very little madness inside you then this method will do, but otherwise you can go on watching and it will seem infinite.

Isn’t it necessary to disidentify yourself with the mind - as if it is outside you?

No, it is not outside you, it is inside. If you say that it is outside then there is no inside and no outside. Then you are part of the universe. But then again, it is inside.

Whatsoever is happening in you is happening in you. You have to throw it out. If you just go on watching, it is possible that meditation may result, but it is a very long process. I have seen people watching for thirty years. They become a little bit silent, but basically the mind continues. The mind seems infinite - you go on creating more of it again and again.

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