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Chapter 3: Truth Is in the Middle

From the very beginning, who dominates whom? who possesses whom? Hence all the religions - Eastern, Western - all the religions that have existed on earth emphasize nonpossessiveness, nonattachment - because that will take the very earth from beneath your feet. If you become nonpossessive the ego cannot exist. If you become aware of this basic flaw of your being, this claim for “mine,” you will be surprised that all your misery can be dropped by dropping this single word. This is not just a word, it is your whole style of life. The wrong style of life is based on “mine”; the right style of life knows no “mine,” no “thine.”

Once we say “mine” we are making ourselves separate from the whole. Now this separation will grow, and each step will take you farther away.

I have heard.

A small child was sitting with the family; the father and mother were quarreling, as usual. Then the father became almost mad. Afraid he might hit the woman, or that he might do something wrong, he ran out of the house.

The small child was watching. He said, “Will daddy be coming back?”

The mother said, “Yes, within fifteen minutes he will be back.”

The child said, “Oh nuts! I was thinking to have his dessert.”

Once the “mine” enters then you are a competitor with everybody. Once the “mine” enters, your life will now be a life of competition, struggle, conflict, violence, aggression.

The next step of “mine” is “me.” When you have something to claim as yours. suddenly through that claim arises the idea that now you are the center of your possessions. The possessions become your territory, and through those possessions arises a new idea: “me.”

Once you are settled with “me,” you can see clearly that you have a boundary, and those who are outside the boundary are “you.” The other becomes clear; now things start falling apart.

The universe is one, it is a unity. Nothing is divided. Everything is connected with everything else. It is a tremendous connectedness. You are connected with the earth, you are connected with the trees, you are connected with the stars; stars are connected with you, stars are connected with the trees, with the rivers, with the mountains. Everything is interconnected. Nothing is separate; nothing can be separate. Separation is not possible.

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